New originals

Some new original pieces. Mixed media on watercolour paper. The image size is approximately 17x17cm.

‘Lichen in a pool of moss’
‘Sun over an icy sea’
‘Blue mushroom patch’

A bunch of inchies

An inchie is a small, low-pressure warm-up/sketch piece, a concept I discovered via artist Amy Maricle. In September 2022 I took part in her 10-day #inchiechallenge which had daily prompts.

It reignited my love for watercolour paper and when I was ready to make some new work this spring I cut up some 2″x2″ pieces to try out some ideas and streams of consciousness in miniature.

I’m in the process of scaling some up and also trying to channel the same fearlessness, spontaneity and flow when creating a piece from scratch.

New cards!

The full range of cards now available on Etsy or in the real world at Leith Market on September 10th & 24th.

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New work

Some recent work in Canvy frame templates. They are mixed media and approximately A4 in size. I recently got inspired to retry a squeegee painting technique I discovered a while back on artist Phoebe Gander’s instagram.

‘Ice In The Sky’
‘Night Of The Comet’
‘Fire In The Sky’
‘Frost Forest’
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‘Bear and Moon’ & ‘Cosmic Bear’

‘Bear and Moon’

Pencil drawing on marbled suminagashi digitally enhanced. 21×29.7cm
‘Cosmic Bear’

Digital collage combining the image from ‘Bear and Moon’ with a hand painted background. 21×29.7cm.

‘Glowing Forest’

This painting proved popular on my social media! It started as a piece of watercolour paper impulsively treated with an orange ink wash months ago, then one day I picked it up again and the forest grew onto it. Mixed media, 24x24cm.



Mixed media on heavy cartridge paper, 23x23cm.

Sealing with it

Pencil on BFK Rives